About The Roaming Junketeers

Hello and welcome to the Roaming Junketeer. My travelling blog of trips around the world.

At the age of 43 I left my job as a Scottish prison officer and made plans to see the world with my wife Tracy and Cairn terrier Hamish. We had always been keen travellers but waiting for the annual two week holiday whilst slaving away in-between was becoming too monotonous and seemed like a waste of life. So we sold off all non sentimental items, rented our home and left the cold Scottish summers and even colder winters behind in search of sun, adventure, new culture and cuisine. The irresistible desire for wanderlust had taken hold and our journey was about to begin…….

Join us as we journey through Europe, Asia and The Americas on a trip of a lifetime.



Tracy and Michael
Tracy and Michael


  1. Hi Hamish, and parents!
    It’s Lisa here…Raven’s Maw. I’ve just found the bit of paper with your details, having lost it in the filing system of my life that’s obviously not best functional.
    I haven’t read your blog yet…just going to catch up now. Raven still approaches the end of the road with much haste, looking up, and running into the wheelie bin.
    Hope you’re all well…
    Love the pics at the top, there…Looking good.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Lisa, lovely to hear from you, and of course seeing you when we were home. Raven’s such a lovely dog and although Hamish used to make a right racket when you passed, he misses her and im sure he’d relish a return to his window seat for a chance to see her again. Hope you are all well and business is still good, it’ll soon be Christmas trees all over again…. Take care y’all.


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