Lake Worth and West Palm Beach

We left the city of Fort Lauderdale for the short drive to Lake Worth and it’s close neighbour West Palm Beach for a short stay of about ten days.

Lake Worth is a small city with a population of around 35,000. Quiet and very friendly with two main Downtown streets just a five minute walk from our apartment, hosting a clutch of unique local run shops, restaurants and bars which seemed to be very busy most days. Close-by a large park for Hamish to run and play it was situated adjacent to the main drawbridge crossing Lake Worth Lagoon and about two miles of walking to the beach-front, boardwalk and old casino now hosting shops, hotels and restaurants.
During our stay here we only visited the beach area once, in the evening, due to the summer heatwave making it too hot to walk long distances preferring the park instead. Hamish too was beginning to struggle with the high temperatures so his fourth trip to the groomers since we’ve been away was in order and for once he was happy to be getting a haircut.

Our upstairs apartment was a good size with three bedrooms, lounge, kitchen and large fenced in garden for Hamish to wander and watch squirrels as long as he fancied. We made use of the fully stocked kitchen and cooked the majority of our meals at home garnishing our supplies from the nearby supermarket. The garden was also home to a mango tree which gifted the most delicious fruit ripened by the glorious Floridian sunshine, supplying us with many a healthy breakfast.

After an extremely quick but relaxing week in Lake Worth we moved to the plush city of West Palm Beach for three days staying at a comfortable one bedroom apartment with swimming pool, which we fully enjoyed, as did Hamish, frequently taking a dip during the hot afternoons allowing us to cool off before venturing out. We walked to town a couple of times window shopping the many restaurants and bars, exploring the waterfront area and large dog park close to our residence.

We didn’t however, have much chance to catch our breath before having to pack up and move to our next destination, taking us out of Florida to the Peach State of Georgia and the beautiful colonial city of Savannah, a 6.5 hour drive north along Interstate 95.

Making friends

Athough short, both Lake Worth and West Palm Beach were excellent stop-offs on our travels and we thoroughly enjoyed our time here. Our Airbnb hosts added to our stay and we’d be happy to return in the future.


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